A Comprehensive School Management Software

An end to-end, seamlessly integrated software solution for School Administration and Management.

Covers entire gamut of operations viz., Accounts, Library, Examination, Student, Staff (both teaching and non-teaching), Payroll and Calendar Management. Group level management of Schools. Web interface, thus facilitating anywhere and anytime management. Publishing examination results facility on the internet. Avoiding Null Value Activities.



An ultimate tool for company wide alerts and early warnings, generating empirical, reliable, and timely reports on the employees' attitudes, and overall performance, over a host of job performance indicators.

Senses a person's approach to work. Appraises management with early warnings. Alerts the company's management to take adequate precautionary measures to reduce the employee turnover rate.

Finds out the causative factors of any HR problem. Does job profiling. Finds out individual profiling.



Helps to Plan, Economize and Schedule its Transportation on a daily basis in any BPO Operations with a primary of objective of Optimum Utilization of its Resource.

Automate the Roster Vehicle scheduling Routing of Cabs Online Driving support through Help Desk (Optional) Can be integrated with billing system


Patashala Excellence Series - Entrance Exam CD

For the benefit of the student community, Sakshi had released its Entrance Exam Question Bank in the CD format, under the brand name, Patashala Excellence Series Entrance Exam CD.

The students can work on the interactive CDs in offline mode. These CDs are protected against piracy, with the help of Sakshi's high- end proprietary tools. With more than 10,000 questions and solutions in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology, it had helped hundreds of aspiring students appearing for the All India Entrance Examination in the Engineering and Medical Courses, to be better prepared, since 2004.

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